The fourth version of Backrooms for Mincrafters has been out a while, now. There is a lot to this version, and even more in the works.

As the Backrooms for Minecrafter’s server grows, I need to provide users with details of how to use the server, along with hints, and instructions. is specifically for hints, spoilers, and general instructions for the Backrooms for Minecrafters server.

Minecraft Backrooms

Minecraft Backrooms is a Backrooms game for Java Minecraft. Backrooms Minecraft is not associated with Mojang, Microsoft or Minecraft. It is merely the backrooms in Minecraft, or as Mojang wants it stated, Backrooms for Minecrafters.

If you are looking for Minecraft Backrooms servers to play on, point your Java Minecraft client to the following.

There is a custom resource pack associated with this server. So if it is your first time, you will be asked to approve its use.

The Backrooms Minecraft Server is constantly improving, so keep checking back for changes. There are many community driven versions of the Backrooms. The Minecraft Backrooms is based on the “Backrooms dot net” universe.