New Backrooms Minecraft Server is Live!

The newest Backrooms Minecraft server I’ve been working on is live. This is technically Season 5. I’m calling it Backrooms Poolrooms. The connection information is the same, so no changes to that.

If you want to log into the old Season 4 Backrooms Minecraft server while it is still around, point your Java Minecraft client at: . That server will be deleted later this month.

So what features does the new server have?

The survival worlds are now in a fixed state, meaning that future Backrooms Season deployments shouldn’t require the deletion of the all the hard work you’ve put in on your survival world builds. That was a big priority for me. I hate deleting builds.

Winners who have escaped the Backrooms to the main overworld and stood on the winners platform, now get access to the /spawn command. /spawn brings you back to the main overworld spawn from any world at any time.

The overworld spawn now has two Random Teleport pads. Combining this with the new /spawn command is a great way to explore the overworld. This is a full size overworld, so there is plenty to explore.

There is a new castle at spawn. I’ll be building that out as I have time.

There is a new adventure world with the poolrooms and other levels to explore. They are an ongoing build, so expect them to change and improve over time.

The Genesis Void level now has more floating island types to explore. As always, make sure you claim any builds you want to keep in Backrooms Genesis Void, so you can teleport back to them once you’ve stood on the winners platform.

Random Teleport Added

Sometimes you just want to get away and start over. That’s the fun of random teleport. I love dropping all my gear in a chest, and randomly teleporting somewhere untouched to start over, and do it all the time.

I’ve now added two random teleport pressure plates at the overworld spawn castle. One is a near-spawn teleport (5000-30000 blocks out), that is handy if you want to be within reach of traveling to spawn on foot, or traveling to end portals on foot.

Close random teleport in backrooms minecraft.
Close random teleport in backrooms minecraft.

The other random teleport pressure plate takes you much farther (31,000 –  500,000 blocks out). This long distance random teleport is more for explorers that want to go where no one has ever gone (or ever will go).

Long distance random teleport in backrooms minecraft.
Long distance random teleport in backrooms minecraft.

For those that have the winner privilages from stepping on the winners pressure plate at spawn, the long distance random teleport becomes extra fun. You can set claims with teleports out there in the boonies, and use the /spawn command to visit civilization at any time.

Spawn command for winners

I am frantically at work on Backrooms Poolrooms. The release is still hoped for in the next month or two.

The latest feature addition is the /spawn command. This command is for players that escape the backrooms, and stand on the winners platform. Now backrooms winners get the ability to teleport to spawn in the overworld whenever they want, just by typing /spawn.

Backrooms winners platform
When you have escaped from the backrooms, find the winners platform at spawn and stand on it to become a ‘winner’.


The fourth version of Backrooms for Mincrafters has been out a while, now. There is a lot to this version, and even more in the works.

As the Backrooms for Minecrafter’s server grows, I need to provide users with details of how to use the server, along with hints, and instructions. is specifically for hints, spoilers, and general instructions for the Backrooms for Minecrafters server.

Minecraft Backrooms

Minecraft Backrooms is a Backrooms game for Java Minecraft. Backrooms Minecraft is not associated with Mojang, Microsoft or Minecraft. It is merely the backrooms in Minecraft, or as Mojang wants it stated, Backrooms for Minecrafters.

If you are looking for Minecraft Backrooms servers to play on, point your Java Minecraft client to the following.

There is a custom resource pack associated with this server. So if it is your first time, you will be asked to approve its use.

The Backrooms Minecraft Server is constantly improving, so keep checking back for changes. There are many community driven versions of the Backrooms. The Minecraft Backrooms is based on the “Backrooms dot net” universe.